Interesting enough I was bit by the travel bug at a very young age. I ran track on a traveling team out west and our competitions took me all over the west coast to some 20150501_132051of the most beautiful cities, competition sites and even to the capital of California and received a State Resolution from the Governor. It seemed like a big deal at the time. Over the next several years I’d travel to different places for track meets, visiting family and just taking trips to different places.

I went to the military right after high school and my first deployment was to SE Asia for a short period. I fell in love with the different cultures and community of people I met. I became interested in their arts & crafts in addition to the concern for the well-being of the people. Some of the countries I visited was and still is unlike the US. Not very modern and updated but progressively moving forward. My heart went out to the little children out at night, 11pm, 1am even 3-4am on the streets begging for money without their parents.  Once my time was up and I came back to the states, something stuck within me silently, yet loudly inside. I would never forget those places.  THAT’S WHEN LADYTRVLR WAS BORN!

Now, years later, I’ve raised a great son as a single-mom, worked in corporate america, owned a business franchise and a few other small businesses and now have become a young empty-nester.  It’s a blessing to be early retired from the military and corporate America, albeit a medical retirement.

I call it a bittersweet blessing because athletic injuries had gotten the best of me from my time in the military and a few other injuries. Nonetheless, I still press on and travel is a unique way to live my life and deal with the unfortunate events I’ve had to endure. It’s invigorating, resilient and just plain ole fun. I set out to live out of a suitcase for 3 months in the summer following my son’s graduation from highschool and now it’s turned into more than a year and I don’t see going back to the settled life anytime soon.

I got the notion to start this blog to share with women my pictures and stories of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen in hopes that it will inspire more to do the same. The catch? Well, I mentioned 2 important facts in my life: 1) I’m a young retired empty nester and 2) I have some medical concerns. So I decided to share my travels from the reality of just a regular women who picks and chooses destinations based on a budget and the true love and desire to meet and greet people no matter where I am.

Secondly, to bring awareness to a growing new chronic illness called Fibromyalgia. For more information Click Here. This limiting and sometimes debilitating disorder can cause one feel miserable and days where we don’t want to do much. Sounds normal to you, I know, but this is worse, it attacks the nervous system and can make your body shut down completely with no movement. Who wants to live like this? So in my travels, I have bad days, but I want to press on and not be stuck in a house staring at four walls and not live. This is surely a way to die fast by just being dormant. So on a happier note, while I have good days I travel as far as I can as long as I can until I am stopped, not by flight, bus or train delays, or hurricanes and tsunamis, but by the restriction of movement my body puts on me and tells my brain..I can’t move right now. What better way to be immobile than on a beach in a warm climate staring at the beautiful purple or turquoise ocean of the Atlantic or Caribbean ocean. This is what I choose.

Please feel free to leave comments on my posts and pages. If you are a Lady who Trvlrs, please share your travel stories with us. There is a LadyTrvlr out there who needs your story to get them off the couch and as Nike says, “Just Do It”.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Inspiring…
    A favorite poem I’ll share that reminds me of your courage and journey. “Dive for Dreams” by e.e. Cummings through verse 15.

  2. Hola Lady Trvlr…

    Where does life find you these days… I abandoned my vessel the intrepid Valhalla some time ago and now I too nomadically walk the earth 😊. Hope all is well and safe travels.

    Aka Kaptyn BlaQ

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