A small piece of Costa Rican paradise

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Today I went on a search and exploration for potential areas to consider living for a time frame of about 3-6 months and if I like it, then a full year. Tanya, the nice expat American I met at the airport upon my arrival was kind enough to come and pick me up in Tamarindo. She lives in Playa Flamingo, the neighboring city. As she drove on the rocky, bumpy unpaved roads it was quite fun actually. When I though she was turning down dead end roads or into someone’s driveway, it turned out to be an actual road leading to a beach front area. These roads appeared to be very narrow and hidden, but Tanya says, it’s common and ok to drive. Just use caution for oncoming traffic.

So I thought, based on my research and pictures online and a travel guide I used, the beaches and beach water would be something to my liking as it is in south Florida or one of my new special places in the Dominican Republic. To my surprise, this is not the case. The beaches in this area remind me of the beaches at home like Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Cherry Beach and others. The sand was dark, grainy and dark black. The hotels sitting on the beach drains what appears to be their pipes to the sand and out to the water it goes. This doesn’t seem good to be. However, for the surfers, this was and is a great area to surf. Tamarindo is a surfing beach and town. Boards everywhere and the tides are a great starting point for beginners.

So off I go looking at the different areas and I wind around the roads to these various areas and Whah-Lah, I found it. The type beach I’ve been looking for that’s quaint, quiet and bluish-green water. At least today that is the color. I understand it changes from day to day. But today was a good day. Playa Potrero is a small niche area on the Pacific side with a beautiful clear view of the sky, the small islands that sit out in the ocean and the nice home up on the hills. There isn’t a boardwalk or even any traffic. You have to know how to wind around the Costa Rica unpaved roads to find this beauty. And thanks to Tanya, we found. All thanks to her.

You know how you feel when something is just right? Something goes right? Something just is right? Well, this how I felt when I walked through the small tree path and looked out to the ocean and saw the water and heard the waves crashing on the sand as they turned over. Finally. A small piece of paradise.


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  1. Sounds like fun and looks like paradise. Wish I was there as of know I must live through the lady traveler. One day soon I will be ready to see the world through my own eyes. Thanks for the inspiration.

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