Stop it, Already!!

This is what I finally had to tell myself. I have to admit. I’ve been a little, ok, alot delayed in writing on my blog because I was unsure of the direction I wanted this to go. Did I want a blog or a website? So I said, LadyTrvlr, you are doing way too much.

You’ve traveled and seen so many great things already and you have not shared much of it at all. Get It Together!!! Yet, months have passed and still nothing posted. I have plenty on my hard drive, but couldn’t get it out. So I was on another trip passing through the great Who Dat!!, City of New Orleans. I met another wise traveler who was on her own journey to explore, experience and exhale. So as i poured out my lil’ frustrations about how I’m having difficulties getting my experiences out to other LadyTrvlrs, Ms. Penny, basically said, in a soft motherly tone…”Just write. Write daily about what you see, your trips and your experiences. Your blog will evolve on its own. Don’t worry about a “website”, just share your travels. The rest will fall as it may.” All I could say was WOW.

Sounds simple enough. I thought I knew what and how I needed to start, but like a lot of others things in my life, I get excited and do too much instead of sticking to the basics and let the rest follow.

So I am going to “Stop It, Already” and just write. Writing is supposed to be therapeutic for some, hopefully I can benefit from that as well.


One thought on “Stop it, Already!!

  1. I agree with Ms. Penney. Just write :). I also get stuck with the direction I want to take my blog both visually and content-wise but remember it’s something I’m doing for me so I just write. I also make a weekly list of what I want to post and while I usually don’t complete the full list I feel accomplished.

    Happy writing!

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