Greyhound – Adventure on 4-wheels

Well, since I’m embarking on a budget travel experience, it’s only appropriate to include the most available travel known in the USA.  Yes, the big Red, White and Blue.. bus at least those use to be the colors..  Today it has a new look with upgraded amenities on some routes.

So, as I was leaving the Palo Duro Canyon State Park in Amarillo, TX I had to drive 6 hours back to Dallas, TX to catch my bus.  When traveling on a budget, you will take a bus, train and depending on good deals, planes to get to the beautiful wonders your journey will take you on.

So that’s what I did.  Approx. 16 hours from Dallas, TX to Nashville, TN I go.  This wasn’t a bad ride.  I leave at 730am to arrive in Nashville at 1115pm the same nite.  I had to make a bus transfer in Memphis which wasn’t bad either.

One thing I can say, the seats are pretty small and tight, however, if you are lucky enough not to have someone sit next to you…it can make for a nice embryo type of sleep.  You know, the kind you ball up with your knees pulled to your chest?  Yes, that one.   So off to sleep I go for at least the first 4 hours until it’s time to turn over and I realize there’s no where to turn.   I’m sure you can imagine that one.  Not too good.  So I maneuver as best as I can only to arrive at my destination with more knots and aches than I started with.  But for $84 dollars and no bag fees, it’s manageable.

So if you want an economical travel method and have some time to see the sites along the way, try Greyhound.  The sites out the windows and in the stations are PRICELESS!


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